Sony finally unveils new PlayStation 4 Console

Jason June 20, 2013 0

Playstation 4

Sony provided the world the first look at its new PlayStation 4 console, promising to combine its film, music, television and game strengths in a powerhouse home entertainment box. Sony Computer Entertainment president Andrew House touted the next-generation videogame consoles as being built for the future while, at the same time, saying the company was remaining true to its successor the PlayStation 3.

“This is a completely new platform and, in many ways, represents a completely new PlayStation,” House said during a press event in Los Angeles Monday, on the eve of the premier E3 videogame expo.

“We are more than ever capitalizing on the vast network of Sony divisions and the reputation of one of the biggest and most powerful entertainment brands in the world.”

Playstation 4

The PS4 will launch with beefed up offerings at the Sony Unlimited movie and music services as the console moves to expand into a complete home entertainment center while remaining true to hardcore gamers.

Packed with all the latest in modern hardware the new PlayStation 4 will come with an x86 processor, an 8-core combined CPU/GPU and 8GB of fast GDDR5 memory. The new hardware is a substantial improvement over the previous PlayStation 3 and should give the next generations of games amazing graphic details.

Sony has also worked hard to improve their cloud services with the new PlayStation 4 being able to download games in the background, giving you the ability to play the games while they are being downloaded from Sony’s servers.

A console isn’t very exciting without the games and Sony today announced a slew of game developers who were eager to demo their latest games on the PS4. Most notable is Diablo 3 by which marks the first time that Blizzard has ported the Diablo Series to a console.

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